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​"... I just love having my yard all nice and clean. Thank you so much." Heidi J. / Orange, CA (Daisy Mae Dallas James, Labrador Retriever

Harley's Poop Patrol is Counties of Orange and Riverside's premier residential and commercial pet waste removal service. Our pioneering company provides a highly reliable and inexpensive weekly service that scoops and hauls away dog waste from yards, kennels, and dog runs throughout Orange County and Riverside County. Our range of customers include: residential homes, yards, kennels, parks, apartment communities, nature trails for housing developments, dog shows, and whoever or wherever we may be needed.

Harley's Poop Patrol is a member of the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialties (aPaws), is licensed, and carries liability insurance on all employees. We disinfect our equipment after every use and most importantly we care about your pet's welfare.

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Harley's Poop Patrol

Residential & Commercial Pet Waste Removal Service